Izzy Shafey, Therapist and facilitator, RMT 


With a natural attraction towards all things physical mixed with years of meditation experience, Izzy balances his innate inclination to keep moving with the serenity of stillness and finds these qualities at their peak while practicing Zenthai Shiatsu . 

With a diverse background in mixed martial arts, sports, and Yoga, firsthand experience has shaped Izzy’s understanding of the amazing feats the human body is capable of as well as how it feels when things are out of balance and need healing attention. Bringing full awareness to every session and every touch, he aims to bring vitality and tranquility to every treatment.

After graduating as a qualified Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist in Australia, Izzy returned to Canada and brought with him his new found skill, art and passion. 



 Izzy Shafey RMT

Izzy Shafey is a Registered Massage Therapist, offering clinically focused remediation. BC's Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are among the most educated and highly trained professionals in their field. To become an RMT in BC students must complete extensive training at an accredited college. Standard educational requirements include comprehensive studies in health sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology and neuroanatomy. Other studies include clinical sciences such as manual skills, orthopedics, remedial exercise, hydrotherapy and patient education. The management of chronic diseases, injuries and the effects of long-term stress are also studied extensively.

Registered Massage Therapy is recognized and often subsidized partially or fully by various governmental health care, insurance and work benefits programs.

Izzy currently works out of the Cormorant Street Holistic health center, where he offers one on one treatments as well as creates and organizes community events, classes and workshops. 

He also works as an RMT out of the clinic Pure Body health Victoria

E :: i2shafey@gmail.com

FB :: facebook.com/izzyzenthai/

PB: https://purebodyhealthvictoria.ca/izzy.html

Ph:: 250 816 4518


Clara Buttemer , therapist and facilitator


Clara’s approach to healing is heart-centered, Hands on, Full participation.

Her discipline is in continually opening up to what each moment is asking. She weaves softness and strength into her treatments, intuitively adjusting style, pace, and pressure for individual needs. Her priority on directly addressing each intention is cradled within the safety of non-judgement, deep listening, and great joy.

Clara is a long time lover of movement and an experienced teacher across many fields. Starting out in the world of gymnastics and dance, she went on to explore circus arts, yoga, Acro-Yoga, and found home in the practice of Zenthai Shiatsu. Her focus turning more and more towards therapy, she is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College to broaden her knowledge. Clara's style is gentle with great depth; she weaves her love of poetry and eastern philosophy into her work, always with a focus on connection and presence within community.

Clara is based in Victoria, BC, Canada. She offers treatment and workshops around town and is available to travel for festivals and retreats upon request. She is also an Acro Yoga teacher and is passionate about bringing the five elements of Chinese medicine into her offerings.



E :: handsbodywork@gmail.com

FB :: facebook.com/handsbodywork/

Ph:: 250 882 8868



Izzy Pictured with founder of Zenthai Shiatsu Gwynn Williams

Izzy Pictured with founder of Zenthai Shiatsu Gwynn Williams

Izzy Shafey and Clara Buttemer

Izzy Shafey and Clara Buttemer

Clara and Gwyn Williams, Zenthai Shiatsu Founder

Clara and Gwyn Williams, Zenthai Shiatsu Founder