A safety occurs

at the tips of the fingers of our sisters

A place we meet as water
as feminine
as grace

A place to be held and be seen
to step into giving and receiving the true nectar of life

In this 2 hour workshop, we explore the Water Element of Chinese Medicine through a partner bodywork sequence from the modality of Zenthai Shiatsu, founded and taught by Gwyn Williams in Australia. 

Clara Buttemer is a certified Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist (500 hrs), Zenthai Flow teacher (150 hrs), as well as an Acro-Yoga teacher (80 hrs). She is a passionate and devoted Ashtanga Yogi and has been working in the movement arts since childhood. She has experience as a workshop and class facilitator and has also held space for women's circles. Her greatest mission is to bring hart-centered connection and exploration to the community through the medium of safe and sacred touch. 

The Medicine Nest is a small space so pre-registration is required! Only 8 spaces available. This workshop will be yummy and intimate with lots of individual attention to technique and detail. Leave with hands ready to heal :)

$45 dollars per person or $80 for two

please send e-transfer to handsbodywork@gmail.com to register ♥