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Stepping back from the push of goal-oriented extra fast mode achievements

Can we recognize healing as an interrelated art

One in which transformation happens as we remember again and again deeper layers of our unity, and surrender to each other's support

Can we learn to offer without giving
And receive without taking

The art of human relationship
And authentic service
The art of conscious, mindful, touch

“When you touch something with deep awareness, you touch everything" 
-Thich Nhat Hanh

We invite you to join us as community and experience an introduction to the art of Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy

A bodywork modality including Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, and Osteopathic techniques, woven together by 12 threads that inspire wisdom into everyday life

In this 3 hour workshop we will explore the Fire element of Chinese Medicine and it's relationship to shoulder health through:
-partner and group exercises
-a fully guided bodywork sequence (opportunity to both give and receive) 
-closing circle


Izzy Shafey is an experienced Zenthai Shiatsu workshop holder who is in his final semester of Registered Massage Therapy at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy

Clara Buttemer is an experienced community builder who is also a certified Acro Yoga instructor

They are both fully certified and practicing Zenthai Shiatsu Therapists, trained by Gwyn Williams (founder of Zenthai Shiatsu) in Queensland Australia

$45 per person
$80 for two

Please email handsbodywork@gmail.com to reserve your spot!