What is zenthai Shiatsu all about?


Zenthai Shiatsu at its core is a healing  practice. 

a fusion of 3 traditional and contemporary massage and body work techniques:

  1. Zen shiatsu …Traditional Chinese medicine …acupuncture without needles ( includes cupping, moxabustion and lifestyle/food advice )

  2. Traditional Thai massage ..releases muscular tension and energetic blockages

  3. Osteopathic techniques…includes joint mobilisation , connective tissue patterns and fascia unwinding

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Zenthai shiatsu is about human connection

The power of touch is understood and utilized in the practice. Healing happens when we can truly allow ourselves to feel safe, slow down, and connect. Scientifically it is now understood that physical contact lessens pain, improves pulmonary function, increases growth in infants, lowers blood glucose and improves immune function (University of Miami's Touch Research Institute )













Zenthai Shiatsu is a healing family and community


Although Zenthai Shiatsu originates and is taught primarily in Australia and Indonesia. It's practitioners and therapists are starting to span the globe.  















Zenthai Shiatsu is about sharing

Zenthai Shiatsu could be seen creating transformational experiences during music festivals and retreats in beautiful locations.

It is also often performed in a guided group setting where practitioners and receivers take turns following the facilitator demonstrating step by step instructions